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Meeting Space Application

Thank you for your interest in starting a 12-step meeting at Austin Galano Club.

Fill out the Meeting Space Application below to start the process of making the Austin Galano Club your group’s new home.


Meeting rooms have 30 minutes between scheduled meetings. Use the meeting calendar to find an open time slot that meets the 30-minute requirement before and after your group’s desired meeting time.


Meeting Room Rent (effective May 1, 2023)











Meeting Room
Hourly Rent
Room Capacity
+Monthly Rent
Small Room (S)
Medium Room (M)
Large Room (L)

+Rates are displayed for groups that meet for 1 hour per week. For example, if a group meets two hours per week in the Large Room, the total monthly rate would be $381.34 (2 hours x $190.67 per month = $381.34 monthly).

To help new groups get established, the suggested rent for the first three months will be what is collected and deposited into the Galano Club safe. If it’s less than what is required, that’s acceptable. Any amount more than what is due for rent will be credited to next month’s rent. This is done to help new groups get started. After three months, the rent will equal the amount set for each room.

Rent is due the first of each month. The Galano Club may reconsider your room rental agreement if rent is not paid. Rent should be deposited into the AGC safe, located in the office across from the coffee bar. Envelopes dropped into the safe need to include the following:

  • Group Name

  • Room Used – Small, Medium or Large (S, M, L)

  • Day & Time the Group Meets

Each group will have a mailbox or locker in the AGC Office. Please ask your group’s trusted servants to check your group’s mailbox regularly for important notices from the Galano Club. Rent Report Statements will be placed in each group’s mailbox or locker every quarter.

Meetings must meet in their assigned rooms. Contact or if you need to change rooms because more or less space is needed or collections are insufficient to cover the rent. We want to help your group be successful in its new home.

In accordance with the Guidelines on Clubs published by AA World Services, 12-step groups are not affiliated with the Austin Galano Club except as tenants. No endorsement exists, and none should be implied, nor inferred from the use of the facilities. Austin Galano Club does not interfere with the 7th Tradition, which states every group should be self-supporting, declining outside contributions. These Guidelines further advise groups that “this includes paying a fair rent for use of the facilities, maintaining a separate treasury, and making its own contributions directly to the local central/intergroup office, the district, the area general service committee and to G.S.O.” 


Review the Safe Procedures document to learn how the Galano Club handles group money deposited into the safe.

Welcome home!

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