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The Austin Galano Club is a separate entity from any of the groups who use the facilities for 12-step meetings. In accordance with the AA Traditions (and extended to other 12-step fellowships) there is no affiliation, expressed or implied, between the Club and the groups and their members.  Each of the groups operated autonomously, according to each group conscience.


Galano manages the building, the social space, and makes sure that all the bills are paid, utilities are on, and that there is fresh coffee available for all the attendees, regardless of fellowship.  This allows, per design, for each of the groups to focus on their primary purpose of carrying their specific message of recovery.  Although it’s constantly changing, we currently have 23 groups who hold meetings at Galano, and see roughly 750 people per week come through the door.  It’s been pretty amazing to be a part of…


Several groups (but not all) who meet at Galano have their pages listed here.  Additional information about the group, their meetings, and anything else the group conscience deems relevant is shared on these pages.  Austin Galano Club does not manage the content on the group pages.

Procedures & Guidelines

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