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Helpful Links

Sobriety Links

Below are a list of links which could be useful to those in the GLBTQ&A recovering community.  Austin Galano Club is not affiliated with any of the below, but would like to provide the resources below as a courtesy to our members.  Let us know if any of the links are invalid, or if you have others you would like us to add.

Local Resources and Meetings

Hill Country Intergroup (AA) — Austin

Crystal Meth Anonymous — Texas

Narcotics Anonymous — Central Texas Area

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous — Austin

Sex Addicts Anonymous – Austin

Cocaine Anonymous — South Central Texas Area

Lambda / Live & Let Live Group

Alcoholics Anonymous Resources

Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous (English | Español)
AA Pamphlets (English | Español)
AA General Service Office (English | Español)
The Big Book Online (English | Español)
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Online (English | Español)
AA Grapevine (English | Español)
District 3B/3C

Other AA-Related Resources

AA Intergroup Phone Numbers (and Web Sites)

AA Speaker Tapes

AA Online Intergroup

12 Traditions

Grapevine’s 12 Traditions Checklist

Hazelden’s Sober24

Regional & Worldwide Meetings


Chemically Dependant Resources

Chemically Dependent Anonymous
Crystal Meth Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous
Heroin Anonymous – North America
NA History Page

Al-Anon, Codependent & Relationship Addiction Resources

Al-Anon and Alateen
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Codependents Anonymous

Other 12-Step Resources

Debtors Anonymous
Dual Recovery Anonymous
Gay NYC 12-Step Page
Gamblers Anonymous
Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependant Persons and
their Significant Others (JACS)

Overeaters Anonymous
Recovery Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Recovery Resources

Gay Roundups

IAC Roundup List
Atlanta Roundup
Austin Roundup
Big Apple Roundup
Capital Roundup
Florida Roundup
Philidelphia Roundup
Provincetown, Mass. Roundup
Rehoboth Beach, Del. Roundup
Toronto Gratitude Roundup

Alcoholics Anonymous History and Archives

IAC History and Trivia
AA History by Mitchell K.
AA History
Index of AA History Pages
AA History of Service Recordings
Akron Archives
AA Akron Manual
Bill W.’s Obituary
The Circle and the Triangle
The Cleveland Plain Dealer Articles
Dick B.’s Early AA
Where Did the 12 Steps Come From?
Wikipedia: Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Big Book Links

4th Edition Big Book
Big Book Concordance
Big Book Study Guide
How the Big Book Was Put Together
That Ain’t in the Book!

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