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  • Why should I become a Galano Club sustaining member?
    The Austin Galano Club acquired 100 percent of its startup revenues through individual memberships and donations from its tenant groups. Membership dues help provide a solid foundation for operating expenses, keeping the financial burden of running the club from falling upon the groups who meet at the facility. All groups, however, pay a fair rent in the spirit of allowing them to be “fully self-supporting.” Whether through a one-time or monthly payment, sustaining membership dues are critical to the success of the Galano Club’s ability to serve the LGBT+ addiction recovery community. Members have a voice on club governance. They can elect board members and vote in membership meetings. Additionally, they can serve on the board or attend board meetings as a visitor.
  • Why are there distinctions between clubs and groups?
    The AA World Service office states “The importance of each group’s maintaining its autonomy and identity separate from the club in which it meets cannot be emphasized too strongly.” The long form of AA’s Tradition Six states: Problems of money, property, and authority may easily divert us from our primary spiritual aim. We think, therefore, that any considerable property of genuine use to A.A. should be separately incorporated and managed, thus dividing the material from the spiritual. An A.A. group, as such, should never go into business . . . . (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, 1952, p. 190)
  • Why do we need the Austin Galano Club?
    The Galano Club provides its 12-step groups a place to meet in person or online so these groups can focus on their respective primary purpose of mutual support. The Galano Club takes care of building maintenance, coffee bar sales and being a central resource in the LGBT+ addiction recovery community, where all are welcome. The Galano Club also hosts recovery-related area or district business meetings and social functions. A long-term goal is to purchase a property.
  • Are my donations tax deductible?
    The Galano Club is a 501c3 non-profit corporation chartered in Texas, and is a tax exempt organization as specified by the IRS. Donations are tax-deductible and can be fully documented with a receipt. A summary of annual donations is available to each donor after the close of the calendar year.
  • What is the difference between a club and group?
    The Galano Club acts as a landlord and rents physical meeting space to various 12-step and recovery-based programs. The club also provides an online calendar and links to virtual meetings offered by its tenant groups. Twelve-step programs are mutual aid organizations that help people recover from addictions or compulsions. Twelve-step groups are voluntary associations of people who share a common desire to overcome addiction or compulsive behaviors. Group members follow the steps and traditions suggested by their respective 12-step programs. Twelve-step groups that meet at the Galano Club are building tenants and maintain autonomy and control of what occurs inside their meetings.
  • What is the Austin Galano Club?
    Austin Galano Club (AGC) is a non-profit corporation formed in 2012 to serve the Austin area’s LGBT+ addiction recovery community, where all are welcome. Member groups can rent space for 12-step meetings, social events, community education, and service opportunities. The Galano Club is intended to be a safe, affordable, comfortable place to gather, whether for a meeting or for fellowship.
  • How can I support the Galano Club?
    Everyone who walks in the door is a member of the Galano Club. You can become a sustaining member through membership dues, paid annually or monthly, through the Donations page on the Galano website. Additional gifts and donations of money, talent and resources are also very much appreciated as we support the addiction recovery community.
  • How does the Galano Club benefit 12-step groups?
    Oftentimes, 12-step groups have difficulty finding and keeping meeting space that is affordable, safe and welcoming for its members. When faced with these challenges, groups have to relocate frequently at the risk of losing membership or they face financial pressures in trying to keep pace with Austin’s rising real estate rent. In some cases, groups face stigma or negative stereotypes about its members being addicts, alcoholics or part of the LGBT+ community. The Galano Club provides a safe, stable, well-maintained, and financially-secure meeting space while allowing groups to focus on serving their members within their respective 12-step traditions.
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