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The Austin Galano Club (AGC) is a non-profit corporation formed to serve the recovering community of Austin and surrounding areas, specifically for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender community, their allies, and serving all 12-Step based programs and related activities.  The club is focused on providing a facility and operational support for the meeting spaces for such groups, as well as providing social, community education, and service opportunities to the group members served.  The club will operate to further provide a place for the recovery community to have a safe, affordable, comfortable place to gather, whether for a meeting or for social purposes.  Although focused on serving the LGBTQIA+ Recovery Community, AGC welcomes all persons in recovery, or supporting those in recovery, without regard to race, color, creed, or sexual identity or orientation.


While new meetings are forming all the time, AGC currently serves 23 recovery groups from 12 anonymous fellowships, with 45+ weekly meetings.  Roughly 750 people per week from the community participate in meetings at AGC, and take advantage of the social space for fellowship, step work, and service work.  AGC also hosts special events for the groups that meet there, and those serving the community at large with fundraisers and social gatherings.


Join us in the coffee bar for fellowship, utilize the sponsorship area for one-on-one meetings, search for work/home/step work on one of the computers, or just hang out on the patio among all the flowers and plants (planted and cared for by our members).


The love here is overflowing…we are continually humbled and grateful for what the community has produced.

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