Austin Galano Club

Thank you Galano Community

The Galano Board and Members would like to thank those that donated money, materials, time, and their sweat/strength this past week to help beautify our space.  Several folks got together to architect the landscape out front, and brought together a great team of individuals who rolled their sleeves up and planted our front green area.  We are all a part of, and the community yearns for the participation of all members.  Thank you community!!

What’s that they say?  ”Don’t dig up in fear the seed you planted in faith”

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It’s Spring, which means stuff’s about to happen


Hey Galano Community,

2014 has started off to be a great year, and the club is just plugging along.  We’re grateful for all the participation and support of the cleaning, coffee bar service, and we continue to be humbled by the abundance of group participation and vibrance.  What a wonderful thing we are a part of.

Coming in the next couple weeks, there are a number of folks who will be participating in a landscaping project (from our late 2013 survey) to help bring in some native beauty (other than the members) to the front of the building.  This is an opportunity to plug in directly, get your hands dirty, and make a mark on our home.

Talk with Scurry at the club, or any board member, about how you can participate.  It should be fun.


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Cleaning Volunteers – Group Commitments


Part of our mission is to provide service opportunities to the members of the groups served, in addition to the various other service obligations a person could have.  It is generally recognized that people who are of service in their club feel more connected, a part of, and it strengthens their sobriety.  Supporting this thought, the AA Pamhplet on AA groups (recovery groups in general) when speaking of the group inventory asks,

“Does our group emphasize to all members the value of keeping up with the kitchen, set-up, clean-up and other housekeeping chores that are essential for our Twelfth Step efforts?”

One of the solutions we came up with to support this effort is having a group at the club each month supply the cleaning team (twice per week) with volunteers.  For January, the Turning Point CMA group provided volunteers, and things seemed to work out really great.  We would like to extend that through the end of the year and get the assistance from other groups.  When can YOUR group provide volunteers?


January – Turning Point CMA

February -

March -

April -

May -

June -

July -

August -

September -

October -

November -

December -


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XMAS Potluck – Dec 25th, 2013: 1:30 – 6:30 PM

Holiday Potluck, because that’s what people in recovery do!  If you haven’t been to a holiday recovery potluck, NOW is the time.  If you have been to one or many, you know what a gift they are to your recovery.

CLICK HERE to see what is already committed.


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Year End Giving


Over the last year and a half, the GLBTQ&A recovery community has had a new place to meet.  For those first coming to recovery or new to Austin, the Galano Club is their home, and the model to which they will compare others as they progress into their recovery.  We, as a community, have navigated through the change from what we knew to create together a sustainable model for the future, ensuring a safe and affordable home for any recovery related activity that serves our community.  We have gone from 2 groups to 14, providing room for folks with Crystal Meth addiction, Food addiction, Heroin addiction, and others to have a special place to share their specific stories and bond around a common solution.  Roughly 500 people per week come through the doors and use the facility, which is amazing.  We are still evolving, and we are more excited than ever to be a part of something so magical.  A longterm goal in further ensuring sustainability is owning our property so we can put more of the operational resources toward directly serving the community.

Please consider Austin Galano Club as part of your Year End Giving.  We are supported through individual donations, meeting rents, and donations from the coffee bar, and solicit no outside, corporate, or grant funding.

Monthly expenses – ~$6000

Currently cash flow even

Funds needed on-hand to purchase a property – ~$300,000

Individual Donations in 2012 (incl membership dues) (startup year) – $72,000

Individual Donations in 2013 (incl membership dues) – $28,250


All donations to Austin Galano Club are tax deductible in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

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Membership Drive Extended

So, yeah…there are 147 active dues-paying members of the Austin Galano Club. Yay y’all!!

There are about 500 people a week who use the facility
There are 34 meetings per week
15 Groups serving 7 affiliations of programs
ALL SELF SUPPORTING – no grants or corporate funding
The community staffs all positions and pays all the bills
0 employees. 0 grants. 0 corporate sponsors.

Refer a new member today and help us (all of us) reach the 200 member mark. Help provide a solid and broadly supported foundation for the future alcoholic/addict for a place to recover. Help provide the resources necessary for us to invest in the future.

Refer Now.  Referral contest extended through November 30th

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Membership Drive & Contest

You became a member of the Austin Galano Club because you believe in the mission and are able to support the organization and community financially through a regular donation.  Your membership means that we can provide social space to the hundreds of recovering people that walk through the door every week, keep the burden of operations off the groups as much as possible, all in pursuit of our collective mission of serving GLBTQ&A Recovery Community.  We are doing great, but we have not reached out to the hundreds of new people coming through the doors over the last year.  We need you, right now, to start talking with your circles about the importance of membership.   

To kick off the fun, we came up with some incentives….

For every 5 referrals of memberships – Austin Galano Club shirt

For every 25 referrals of memberships – IPad

For the most referrals (# people) of memberships:

1st Place – San Antonio RiverWalk for 2; overnight stay with dinner 

2nd Place – K1 Speed Indoor GoKarting for 10 peeps!!!!!

3rd Place – 2 Austin Roundup registrations with banquet tickets

The Membership Drive contest runs through October 31, 2013

Direct everyone to the membership signup page on the Austin Galano Club website.

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Friday Y’all…Sept 27th…get the name right…it’s GAME NIGHT


download (1)


I know I know…game night sounds like a lame fright, but you know that ain’t right!! Every time I’ve reluctantly gone to a game night, I have truly laughed my ass off and had a great time.  Come join your fellows after the last meeting gets out…everyone welcome.  Sober.  Fun.  No glum.

Games provided.  Fellowship guaranteed!

9:30 PM in the Galano Coffee Bar


As well, know that Austin Galano Club will be open until MIDNIGHT Fri – Sun…hang out, chill, work on steps, or update your resume.  No obligation.  Just love, service, and a safe place.

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Feedback – It’s important – Please take the survey below

Click here to take survey about the services provided here at Austin Galano Club, and provide input into some decisions ahead.  As members ourselves, we are dedicated to making this a great place for GLBTQ and Allies recovery, and know we can only do this with your help and guidance.  Here’s your chance…

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Galano at PRIDE 2013 – Gratitude

Thanks all who came out to support AGC and the community at the Pride Festival and Parade on Saturday.  Thanks to those too who helped prepare, sent love, or supported in some other way.

Who can tell what may come of our participation, but one thing is for sure, there is more awareness of the services we provide and what’s available to the GLBTQ&A Community.

The parade itself was a blast!  Reports from the attendees said it was pretty amazing to see such a strong and diverse representation from our fellowship.  There are rumors of recovery = twerk school, but that’s not such a bad thing either.

Gratitude.  Love.  Humility. Connection. Laughter. Joy. Fun.

Love you guys…thank you.


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Where Does It Go?

Group Balances (those not listed have a $0 balance)

Each group, per the 7th tradition of AA (foundation for all 12-step fellowships), is fully self supporting declining outside contributions.  As such, the GSO states that each group should “pay a fair rent” for meeting space.  The Austin Galano Club handles the accounting for several groups that use the facility and provide on a regular basis the group’s balance.  It is then the group’s responsibility to request from the Galano Treasurer the disbursement of those funds in excess of the “rent due” for distribution up to regional and national service offices.  Although we are not at quarter end, I have posted the current balances for the groups (year to date).

Group Balance Report

If your group has a positive balance, your treasurer and group conscience will want to discuss how to distribute those funds (per each group’s individual by laws).  if your group has a negative balance, then a conversation may be in order to determine how best to increase donations to the basket.

Our mission at Austin Galano Club is to serve GLBTQ and Allies in Recovery.  In pursuit of that mission, Austin Galano Club keeps “rents” as low as possible by relying on a diversity of income to help create a sustainable venue, and help provide an environment for groups to form, flourish, and support their respective regional/national service offices.  Membership, donations at the coffee bar, other donations/gifts, all help keep the burden of supporting the facility off the groups so they can keep their focus on their respective  primary purpose.

Austin Galano Club is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit.  We have no employees, so all donations and gifts go toward operations and serving our mission.  Even the rent we pay goes to a generous non-profit who then donates those proceeds to other area non-profits.  It’s a great circle of life and we are part of something very wonderful.

Thank each and every one of you for your continued support, energy, time, money, and love.  It takes all of us.

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Some changes to the Galano board…

With every organization, as it grows, evolves, and matures, there will be changes, especially when the positions in question are those which require a lot of time, sweat, and energy.  The Austin Galano Club’s Board of Directors (servant leaders) is one such organization, and there are several recent changes of which we wanted to make the community aware.  Over the last several weeks, 3 board members have decided to make room for others to participate in the board activities due to their very busy lives.  The Austin Galano Board is a commitment that takes a lot of time and energy, and we are very lucky to have had the pleasure to work closely with Bill Hayes, Kelli Roan, and Jonathon Wood over the last couple years.  Each has brought so many great things to the board and our community at large.  The place would not be the same without them and we are very appreciative of their contributions, and their continued support.  We will miss getting to work so closely with them, but know the opportunities may arise again.  If you see one of them, take a moment to thank them for all the joy and creativity they shared as an AGC Board Member.


With those 3 vacancies in the board, a little more knowledge with which to describe the commitment level, and in accordance with the Bylaws of the AGC, the board filled the vacancies with members of the community.  We also amended the bylaws slightly to increase the number of board members from 9 to 10, to better balance the workload and responsibilities.  As with any decision or action, we keep our mission as primary, and consider the whole of our community we serve.  We are so grateful and happy to announce the new board members joining the team: Chris Cahill, John Hickson, Jeffry Martinez, and David Swim.  Each new member (servant leader) has been a longstanding member of the club itself, brings a unique perspective, and has shown a commitment to the community through their continued action and support.  We are excited with the additions and hope the community is as well.  Congratulate each of the new members as you see them around, and definitely wish them luck…the work ahead is a commitment.


Thank you all board members…past, present, and future…for your work, energy, and continued support.  Your work, behind the scenes and otherwise, has helped change the lives of so many in the Austin recovery community.  Thank you to the community and all the groups who support the Austin Galano Club for your support.  We have managed together to create a wonderful home for hundreds of recovering people in our community, serving 15 different groups and 8 anonymous fellowships, all with no employees or staff.  It’s a miracle, and we are blessed to be a part of it.

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Welcome New Meetings/Communities/Members to Austin Galano Club

There are several new meetings that have started in the last couple weeks, and one starts meeting tomorrow at the Austin Galano Club.  Check back frequently to see new meetings that might be of interest.  Our fellowship is vibrant and flourishing, which is so great to be a part of.  As well, add your favorite meeting to your personal calendar through the iCal link on the Calendar page  

Welcome Austin Lone Star Marijuana Anonymous, Children of Chaos AA, Right Here Right Now SAA, and Women in Solutions AA

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2013 Reports for March – June

The membership meeting and member-group meeting will provide more context, but in the meantime we have posted the second quarter financials for the club in general, and for the member-group rents.  Please review and bring any questions to the member meeting, or email.

2013Q2 Profit Loss

Member Group Balance in Trust 063013

Membership meeting 063013

Check the presentation and reports above if you were not able to make the meeting…or just want to revisit the material.

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Austin Galano’s 1 Yr Anniversary – Join Us

1 yr anniversary flyer 061713

Come join the ONE-YEAR CELEBRATION that

we’ve all made possible by suiting up and showing

up. This outstanding recovery family continues to

work, sweat, laugh, cry, fundraise and create. We’ll

have a short membership meeting, eat and

Become One with the Mosaic!

RSVP and SIGN UP for the



PS…Don’t be afraid of a little

water and having a lot of



be made of 5×7 canvas

tiles for you to paint and

decorate and when they

BECOME ONE will commemorate our 1st


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