Galano Thanksgiving Potluck, Open House, Pi Contest, and Speakers

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Community Meeting, Welcome New Board Members!

Roll_call_at_AIESEC_France's_Spark_2013If you were not able to make the All Community/Member meeting at Galano Club yesterday, you missed out on a ton of great dialog and information.  Never fear, we have the info here for you.  We want to first welcome to the Board of Directors, starting their 3-Year terms in January 2016 will be:

  • Quentin McRee

  • Rob Rough

  • Tom Smith

If you see one of them around, offer a congratulations and a hug.  We are grateful for all of those interested in being of service on the board, and the elections were very close.  There are always ways to be of service, whether or not on the board.

The presentation from the meeting is here below.  As well, there is a link to the Community/Member Survey results, from the survey last month.  Lots of great feedback and information.  Thank you all for your participation.  If you have further feedback, always feel free to email, call, or pull one of us aside.



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All Community Meeting/Board Elections – Sunday Oct 18


Come to the All Community Meeting on Sunday October 18th at 2:00, where we will have desserts and healthy snacks on hand to get you in the mood to vote for the next round of Austin Galano Club Board members!!

The meeting should be a good time, and there will be several updates, including the survey results from the community survey from last month.  Thank you all who provided your feedback!

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact a current board member, or email and let us know.   We will vote at THIS meeting to fill 3 positions.


  • 3 Years Clean/Sober/Recovered
  • An active supporting member, current on dues
  • Not in a voting capacity of a group/organization served by Galano (any of the 12-step groups, Roundup, etc)


  • 3 Years
  • 5-10 hours per week, depending

Cannot say enough good things about being a board member and the experience of giving back to the community that has so freely given to us.  It is tremendously rewarding, and a whole lot of hard work.  We are constantly humbled and amazed at what has become of our community, and so grateful to be a part of its success.

At the meeting on Sunday, we will also be seeking your input for the Holiday Trifecta that is just around the corner. Fully expect Galano to host a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebration of some sort, and an Open House during one of them.

Look forward to seeing you there!

AGC Board


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Group Pages


Over the last 3+ years, the Austin Galano Club has grown significantly in the groups it serves.  Not just in the number of groups served (23 currently), but in the types of anonymous fellowships (there are now 13 different ones), demographics, special interests (women only, Atheist/Freethinker, Business Owner’s), etc.  Our aim at the very start was to create a home where it was easy and safe for new groups to get started, where “old” groups could find a home among a larger community of recovery, and where the burden of managing the facility did not rest with the groups, but on those interested members who chose to do so.  As such, the Austin Galano Club, it’s board, and it’s supporting members are always trying to improve, and we are always looking for ways that we can better serve the groups, the community, and the members of the groups who call Austin Galano Club home.

In accordance with Tradition Six of Alcoholics Anonymous (and extensible to other 12-Step fellowships) a group can bind itself to no one, and cannot be affiliated or lend its name to another entity.  A group can, it says, cooperate and have relationships with anyone, which they do often, without endorsing or implying affiliation.  The Austin Galano Club respects this line, and we are careful about the level of service we provide and our whole relationship with groups, so that we do not cross this line, fuzzy as it may be.

In an effort to provide greater opportunity for groups to keep their members informed, the Austin Galano Club at the last Group Rep meeting introduced the idea of providing each group a space on the Galano website.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, so we moved ahead with it.  As a result, we have made each group the author of their own page and will list/publish each group’s page at their discretion.  Check one out here.  Keep an eye on the Groups menu for new groups as they come up, and be sure to explore the variety of fellowship that is waiting here for you at Austin Galano Club.

We are humbled and grateful for what has become.


PS – please sign up for a shift at the coffee bar.  😉

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Pride 2015



The entire Galano Community is invited to join us at the Festival and later in the day at the Parade for the Austin Pride Celebration. Sign up sheets are posted in each of the meeting rooms if you would like to volunteer to be of service. We will need folks to staff the booth, and would LOVE to have a large contingent marching in the parade that evening.  This has been such a fun event to participate in, and we have raised the awareness of GLBTQ&A recovery in Austin through our presence the last two years.  

Free shirts will be provided to dues-paying members, so if you are not yet a member or your membership has lapsed, sign up now at: MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP

Austin Pride: Saturday August 29th, 2015

Festival: 10:00 – 6:00

Parade: Lineup at 7:00 PM, Parade starts at 8:00 PM

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