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Austin Galano Club Quarterly Membership Meeting

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Group Balances as of September 30, 2014


Here posted are the group balances for the groups for which Galano is the “bank.” If your group is not listed here, they probably just pay us straight rent. The balances here are after all rents have been paid.  Galano makes no decisions for group funds, and does as the group specifies, per our agreement with each of the entities. 2014-10-18_2305

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Board of Directors and Steering Committees

Galano banner blue board electionsSo, there’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming Board of Directors elections on October 19th at 2:00.  It’s a good thing.  There is an important distinction, however, that should be made to highlight the differences between the Board of Directors for a Non-Profit Corporation, and the Steering Committee of a 12-Step Group.  They are very different things, different types of service, and a different level of responsibility.  One is not better than another, by any means, just different positions.

Steering Committee – This is a group of trusted servants who carry forth the conscience of the specific 12-step group they represent. They handle the business of the group, and interact with outside service organizations on behalf of the group (Intergroup, GSO, Institutions, etc).  Each group has its own Steering Committee and its own conscience, per the traditions of each program.

Board of Directors – The Board of Directors for a Non-Profit Corporation are legal agents of the corporation with a fiduciary duty to support the operation of the corporation, ensure legal and tax compliance, offer guidance to the mission and vision, raise funds, and act as ambassadors to the community.  Board Members serve a 3 year term, are not paid for their service, are legally liable for prudent operation of the facility, responsible for maintenance of the physical property,  handle coordination with the groups who utilize the space, and maintain communication with the several community resources tangential to recovery and GLBTQ&A issues.

The structure at Galano, with its being the first experience for a lot of the community with regard to participating in a 12-step group within a club environment, has been challenging for some to understand.  This is especially true for the newcomer where 12-step meetings can look like “Galano meetings,” when in fact, Galano holds no recovery meetings as an organization.  Our mission is to support recovery by supporting the groups who provide that through their singleness of purpose.  We also aim to support the community of individuals at large by providing a comfortable place to gather socially, a safe and comfortable meeting space, and a host of service opportunities.

If you are a member of Galano, have 3 years of clean time, are not in a decision making capacity with any of the groups who utilize Galano, and would like to be of service on the board, contact a current board member or show up on the 19th for the member meeting.  Serving on the Board of Directors is an awesome opportunity to be of service, though it is a major commitment. All the board members to date have worked tirelessly over the last 3 years to help make the Galano what it is today.  We are often behind the scenes and working hard for the community at large, and are very humbled by what has become a pretty amazing home to so many. We recognize, however, that it is time for new servants to start rotating on the board as we enter the regular rotation outlined in our bylaws where a third of the board rolls off each year.

In gratitude and service – The Current BOD

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Galano At Austin Pride 2014


Similar to last year, the Austin Galano Club is participating in both the Pride Festival (11:00AM – 6:00PM, Saturday September 20th, 2014) at Fiesta Gardens, and also the Austin Pride Parade (Line up at 7:15 at 15th and San Jacinto, Saturday September 20th, 2014).  Your participation in one or both would be so awesome.  We do not represent any specific fellowship, and are participating to let the community know that there are recovery resources available to the Austin GLBTQ&A population, that we are here and (for the most part) normal folks.  The event last year was tremendous, and we had a lot of fun talking with folks about the role of Galano in the community, and the abundance of meetings and different fellowships that share our space.  As well, the parade had some 40 Galano members marching, which was a great showing and so much fun!  Be a part of the community.  Show your pride/humility.  Buy one of the Galano/Pride shirts at the coffee bar or at the Festival, and wear it for the march.

Festival Volunteer Sign up:

Sign up for a shift at the Festival here


Show up at 15th and San Jacinto by 7:15 PM on the 20th.


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Vote for Board Members



The time has come…after 3 years, the first round of board members is due to roll off the board, opening up the opportunity for 3 new representatives to take the helm as servants to the community.  If you are a current member of Galano, have 3 years clean, have been a member of the community for some time (3 yrs per the bylaws, waived at this time), and are not serving in a decision making capacity on a board or steering committee of one of the groups/orgs that Galano serves, you are eligible.  Being on the board is a wonderful and rewarding way to be of service.  It takes a lot of commitment to keep the organization running smoothly, and there is a lot to do as we continue to grow, so we are excited for the new members of the board to bring us into the future.  Contact a current board member to express your interest.  Come to the October Member/Group meeting to vote.

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Group Balances as of June 30

Here posted are the group balances for the groups for which Galano is the “bank.” If your group is not listed here, they probably just pay us straight rent. The balances here are after all rents have been paid.  Galano makes no decisions for group funds, and does as the group specifies, per our agreement with each of the entities.  2014-07-12_1818

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Galano Member Meeting

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Recovery, served

image (3)
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THIS FRIDAY the 13th, watch till you drop! Jeffry spooked up the series of Friday the 13th movies that he’s just dying to share with everyone. Bring a couple bucks to help with snacks or pizza or whatever other food stuffs you eat on Friday the 13th!!

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Thank you Galano Community

The Galano Board and Members would like to thank those that donated money, materials, time, and their sweat/strength this past week to help beautify our space.  Several folks got together to architect the landscape out front, and brought together a great team of individuals who rolled their sleeves up and planted our front green area.  We are all a part of, and the community yearns for the participation of all members.  Thank you community!!

What’s that they say?  “Don’t dig up in fear the seed you planted in faith”

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It’s Spring, which means stuff’s about to happen


Hey Galano Community,

2014 has started off to be a great year, and the club is just plugging along.  We’re grateful for all the participation and support of the cleaning, coffee bar service, and we continue to be humbled by the abundance of group participation and vibrance.  What a wonderful thing we are a part of.

Coming in the next couple weeks, there are a number of folks who will be participating in a landscaping project (from our late 2013 survey) to help bring in some native beauty (other than the members) to the front of the building.  This is an opportunity to plug in directly, get your hands dirty, and make a mark on our home.

Talk with Scurry at the club, or any board member, about how you can participate.  It should be fun.


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Cleaning Volunteers – Group Commitments


Part of our mission is to provide service opportunities to the members of the groups served, in addition to the various other service obligations a person could have.  It is generally recognized that people who are of service in their club feel more connected, a part of, and it strengthens their sobriety.  Supporting this thought, the AA Pamhplet on AA groups (recovery groups in general) when speaking of the group inventory asks,

“Does our group emphasize to all members the value of keeping up with the kitchen, set-up, clean-up and other housekeeping chores that are essential for our Twelfth Step efforts?”

One of the solutions we came up with to support this effort is having a group at the club each month supply the cleaning team (twice per week) with volunteers.  For January, the Turning Point CMA group provided volunteers, and things seemed to work out really great.  We would like to extend that through the end of the year and get the assistance from other groups.  When can YOUR group provide volunteers?


January – Turning Point CMA

February –

March –

April –

May –

June –

July –

August –

September –

October –

November –

December –


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XMAS Potluck – Dec 25th, 2013: 1:30 – 6:30 PM

Holiday Potluck, because that’s what people in recovery do!  If you haven’t been to a holiday recovery potluck, NOW is the time.  If you have been to one or many, you know what a gift they are to your recovery.

CLICK HERE to see what is already committed.


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Year End Giving

Galano icon blue


Over the last year and a half, the GLBTQ&A recovery community has had a new place to meet.  For those first coming to recovery or new to Austin, the Galano Club is their home, and the model to which they will compare others as they progress into their recovery.  We, as a community, have navigated through the change from what we knew to create together a sustainable model for the future, ensuring a safe and affordable home for any recovery related activity that serves our community.  We have gone from 2 groups to 14, providing room for folks with Crystal Meth addiction, Food addiction, Heroin addiction, and others to have a special place to share their specific stories and bond around a common solution.  Roughly 500 people per week come through the doors and use the facility, which is amazing.  We are still evolving, and we are more excited than ever to be a part of something so magical.  A longterm goal in further ensuring sustainability is owning our property so we can put more of the operational resources toward directly serving the community.

Please consider Austin Galano Club as part of your Year End Giving.  We are supported through individual donations, meeting rents, and donations from the coffee bar, and solicit no outside, corporate, or grant funding.

Monthly expenses – ~$6000

Currently cash flow even

Funds needed on-hand to purchase a property – ~$300,000

Individual Donations in 2012 (incl membership dues) (startup year) – $72,000

Individual Donations in 2013 (incl membership dues) – $28,250


All donations to Austin Galano Club are tax deductible in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

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