New Meetings – Our Club is Growing!

The Galano Club is growing with five new weekly meetings in the house!

Meeting Type Day Time
Commitment to Abstinence OA – Big Book Study SUN 7:15pm-8:15pm
Children of Chaos AA – Discussion TUES 12pm-1pm
Men Finding Love Within SLAA – Discussion TUES 12pm-1pm
Four Points AA – Discussion TUES 6pm-7pm
Young & Restless AA – Discussion (Young People @ Heart) FRI  10pm-11pm

We’re so excited to welcome these new meetings and to serve such a diverse 12-step recovery community in the Austin area. We encourage you to visit these meetings if they interest you.

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$10,000 Matching Donation to Building Fund thru Dec 31, 2015


The Austin Galano Club Building Fund represents the community and Austin Galano Club’s goal of owning our own building (even though we don’t know where it will be yet), and making a long-term home for Austin’s GLBTQ&A recovery community.  Donations to the Building Fund will remain restricted to this single purpose — never to be used for operating expenses or upkeep of the rented building — until we have enough for a down payment on a permanent home. In our first year, the community raised $13,000 for the building fund, and our goal is to reach $100,000 by the end of 2016. An aggressive goal, for sure, but the community has funded every bit of Galano’s present, and will be the source of its future. 

Doubling Everything

A couple of donors have pledged to match your donation, dollar for dollar up to $10,000, for every donation made to the building fund by December 31, 2015.  This is a wonderful opportunity for doubling the value of your contribution, while more than doubling the size of our fund. This means we can, in 3 weeks, turn $10,000 into $20,000! Donate now here

Important Cause

In the past year, Galano has increased its services by more than 50% — growing from 31 meetings-per-week with 14 groups, to 45 meetings-per-week with 25 groups.Attendance and usage of the club has gone from 500 people-per-week, to 750; and there are now 14 different anonymous-affiliations who meet and share fellowship in our facility.  We’ve expanded our literature tables, installed new computers, added new tables outside, and put up new white-boards for all groups; thanks to generous donors and volunteers.  Owning our own building will help ensure our legacy, and you can be a part of that right now. Donate today! 

After just three years, we can safely say that AGC is an integral part of Austin’s recovery community for its GLBTQ sisters and brothers and their allies. 

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Christmas Day Potluck at Galano

Here’s a list of what’s already committed

Reindeer Potluck

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Galano Thanksgiving Potluck, Open House, Pi Contest, and Speakers

Sign up here below…see what’s already committed here 

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Community Meeting, Welcome New Board Members!

Roll_call_at_AIESEC_France's_Spark_2013If you were not able to make the All Community/Member meeting at Galano Club yesterday, you missed out on a ton of great dialog and information.  Never fear, we have the info here for you.  We want to first welcome to the Board of Directors, starting their 3-Year terms in January 2016 will be:

  • Quentin McRee

  • Rob Rough

  • Tom Smith

If you see one of them around, offer a congratulations and a hug.  We are grateful for all of those interested in being of service on the board, and the elections were very close.  There are always ways to be of service, whether or not on the board.

The presentation from the meeting is here below.  As well, there is a link to the Community/Member Survey results, from the survey last month.  Lots of great feedback and information.  Thank you all for your participation.  If you have further feedback, always feel free to email, call, or pull one of us aside.



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