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Meeting Schedule

Austin Galano Club (AGC) uses Google Calendar to track the various meetings and other events that occur at the clubhouse.

The Galano Club is open for in-person meetings at full capacity.

We are still holding virtual meetings, the schedule for which can be found here.

These are the fellowships that hold meetings through the Austin Galano Club.

  • AA – Alcoholics Anonymous

  • ACOA – Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • Al-Anon

  • BDA – Business Debtors Anonymous

  • CA - Cocaine Anonymous

  • CMA – Crystal Meth Anonymous

  • CoDA – Codependents Anonymous

  • HA – Heroin Anonymous

  • NA – Narcotics Anonymous

  • OA – Overeaters Anonymous

  • PIR - Psychedelics in Recovery

  • SAA – Sex Addicts Anonymous

  • SLAA – Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

  • UA – Underearners Anonymous

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