Galano Club scheduled to open Oct. 26

Dear Austin Galano Community,

These past few months have been challenging and the AGC Board would like to acknowledge the outpour of support for one another as we weather the storm. We are happy to announce that the Austin Galano Club will be opening its doors once again on October 26th, 2020.

In order to do this, with the safety of our attendees in mind, the following changes will be necessary:

  • The Small Room will be closed and the Lounge will be made available as a meeting space
  • Each room will allow for only 50% of its rated occupancy
  • Masks will be mandatory
  • Social distancing must be practiced in meeting spaces and on club grounds

Since we closed the club back in March, the board has been actively working on policies that will help keep our members safe for this re-opening. We have enhanced our cleaning products, prepared sanitation stations, and will be implementing a distanced smoking area  outside the club. We will also work with each of the groups to continue virtual meetings if they  are not ready to come back to the club yet. All of these measures will be shared with you in the weeks leading up to the re-open.

What we need from you in the meantime: At this time, it would be helpful if each group could convene a group conscience to determine whether you will be meeting in-person, virtually or both. This information should be relayed to the Group Liaison, Madison B at

Some of the groups have changed their meeting schedules, taking advantage of the freedom provided with  virtual meetings. For the time being, the Galano Club is unable to provide a physical meeting space for these new schedules. Groups will have their original meeting time for physical meetings. A copy of this schedule can be found here.

We know many of you will have questions about the reopening, and we hope to answer many of them as we release more information in the coming weeks. Thanks to each and every one of you for your patience and support for each other and ourselves. We look forward to seeing you all again.

The Galano Club COVID-19 Guidelines are available here.

Also, we’re happy to announce the birth of Cormac Matthew Whalen on 9/15/2020! Mara and baby are home and doing well. James Young is filling in as interim president while Mara is on maternity leave. For the next several weeks, please send any inquiries regarding the club and reopening questions to another trusted board member.

Please reach out to the people listed for questions regarding:

  • General questions:
  • Coffee Bar & Volunteers: Blake P. & Mel M.
  • Cleaning: Robert Q. & Marvin T.

Ever sincerely, your humble trusted servants in recovery, unity, and service,

Mara W.

James Y.

Lauren O.

Jamie S.

Jamal W.

Madison B.

Loretta M.

Mel H.

Blake P.

Robert Q.

Marvin T.

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