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We’ve adopted a new payment provider to help manage your membership and donations very easy! Existing memberships in PayPal will continue in PayPal. Membership in Austin Galano Club is encouraged for recovering individuals who utilize the facilities, and who want to make sure we provide a safe environment for GLBTQ&A populations to recover in the future. Signing up is easy and will only take a moment. The effects of signing up will last a lifetime. Although membership is not required to attend any 12-step meeting occurring at the facility, your support is needed! Meeting rent covers only a portion of the costs of the facility. Why become a member?
  • You get a voice on club governance. They can elect board members and vote in membership meetings.
  • You help pay for club events.
  • Your donations and dues are tax deductible.
  • You help promise a home for GLBTQ&A 12-Step Recovery in Austin for future generations.
Become A Member
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Group Pages

pawns-groups Over the last 3+ years, the Austin Galano Club has grown significantly in the groups it serves.  Not just in the number of groups served (23 currently), but in the types of anonymous fellowships (there are now 13 different ones), demographics, special interests (women only, Atheist/Freethinker, Business Owner’s), etc.  Our aim at the very start was to create a home where it was easy and safe for new groups to get started, where “old” groups could find a home among a larger community of recovery, and where the burden of managing the facility did not rest with the groups, but on those interested members who chose to do so.  As such, the Austin Galano Club, it’s board, and it’s supporting members are always trying to improve, and we are always looking for ways that we can better serve the groups, the community, and the members of the groups who call Austin Galano Club home. In accordance with Tradition Six of Alcoholics Anonymous (and extensible to other 12-Step fellowships) a group can bind itself to no one, and cannot be affiliated or lend its name to another entity.  A group can, it says, cooperate and have relationships with anyone, which they do often, without endorsing or implying affiliation.  The Austin Galano Club respects this line, and we are careful about the level of service we provide and our whole relationship with groups, so that we do not cross this line, fuzzy as it may be. In an effort to provide greater opportunity for groups to keep their members informed, the Austin Galano Club at the last Group Rep meeting introduced the idea of providing each group a space on the Galano website.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, so we moved ahead with it.  As a result, we have made each group the author of their own page and will list/publish each group’s page at their discretion.  Check one out here.  Keep an eye on the Groups menu for new groups as they come up, and be sure to explore the variety of fellowship that is waiting here for you at Austin Galano Club. We are humbled and grateful for what has become.   PS – please sign up for a shift at the coffee bar.  😉
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Where Does It Go?

Group Balances (those not listed have a $0 balance)

Each group, per the 7th tradition of AA (foundation for all 12-step fellowships), is fully self supporting declining outside contributions.  As such, the GSO states that each group should “pay a fair rent” for meeting space.  The Austin Galano Club handles the accounting for several groups that use the facility and provide on a regular basis the group’s balance.  It is then the group’s responsibility to request from the Galano Treasurer the disbursement of those funds in excess of the “rent due” for distribution up to regional and national service offices.  Although we are not at quarter end, I have posted the current balances for the groups (year to date).

Group Balance Report

If your group has a positive balance, your treasurer and group conscience will want to discuss how to distribute those funds (per each group’s individual by laws).  if your group has a negative balance, then a conversation may be in order to determine how best to increase donations to the basket. Our mission at Austin Galano Club is to serve GLBTQ and Allies in Recovery.  In pursuit of that mission, Austin Galano Club keeps “rents” as low as possible by relying on a diversity of income to help create a sustainable venue, and help provide an environment for groups to form, flourish, and support their respective regional/national service offices.  Membership, donations at the coffee bar, other donations/gifts, all help keep the burden of supporting the facility off the groups so they can keep their focus on their respective  primary purpose. Austin Galano Club is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit.  We have no employees, so all donations and gifts go toward operations and serving our mission.  Even the rent we pay goes to a generous non-profit who then donates those proceeds to other area non-profits.  It’s a great circle of life and we are part of something very wonderful. Thank each and every one of you for your continued support, energy, time, money, and love.  It takes all of us.
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Austin Galano’s 1 Yr Anniversary – Join Us

1 yr anniversary flyer 061713 Come join the ONE-YEAR CELEBRATION that we’ve all made possible by suiting up and showing up. This outstanding recovery family continues to work, sweat, laugh, cry, fundraise and create. We’ll have a short membership meeting, eat and Become One with the Mosaic! RSVP and SIGN UP for the POTLUCK at the COFFEE BAR! PS…Don’t be afraid of a little water and having a lot of fun… PSS…The MOSIAC will be made of 5×7 canvas tiles for you to paint and decorate and when they BECOME ONE will commemorate our 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
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Welcome to the new groups meeting at AGC

There is a great dynamic that occurs when groups of alcoholics and addicts are able to start new groups and develop their own identity within the fellowship where bonds can become stronger, and individuals can find a room that feels like home.  Austin Galano Club is grateful for our role we get to play in this effort by lowering the barriers for new groups to start, and providing space or meetings and social activities to take place.  Because of this relative ease, however, some groups naturally take off, and others never quite make it, but the fellowship as a whole grows stronger. Take a minute, quite regularly if you can, and check out the meeting calendar resources available to you in the building (hard copy) and via the website here. Weekly Meetings at a Glance Meeting Calendar (can subscribe via iCal) A new group will be starting to meet here at AGC May 2nd, in fact, known as Paint It Black, a Heroin Anonymous meeting.  Be sure to welcome  new folks you see and help them with finding the coffee bar and meeting rooms.  They will be meeting at 8:00 PM in the Medium Room down the hall. As well, Awakenings, an Atheist/Agnostic/Freethinker AA group has started meeting Mon/Wed/Fri at 7:30 AM.  What a great way to start the day. Be on the lookout for some additional calendar changes coming June 1.  There will be some schedule shuffling going on, some meetings going away, some starting, some moving, that you will want to be aware of.
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