Building Fund

  GIVING Donate to Building Fund Austin Galano Club was established with a simple mission to be of service to GLBTQ&A 12-Step recovery for the Austin area.  We have been incorporated as a 501(c)(3) Non-profit since 2011, and have had an operational facility open to the recovering public since June 2012.  Since opening, we have maintained a cash neutral position, paying for all of our operational expenses through the income from group rents, membership dues, coffee bar donations, and donations/gifts from individuals.  We are very grateful for this level of success at this stage, and excited for what the future holds for our community. One of the primary reasons for incorporating as a non-profit, as a separate entity from a single group, was to enable the acquisition of a permanent home, which would ultimately lower expenses and ensure a home for GLBTQ&A recovery for decades to come.  We have intentionally not pushed on this effort during our first couple years, but would now like to begin in earnest to raise the funds for the acquisition of a facility. Funds donated to the building fund will be held aside from operational and maintenance expenses, and will only be used for the acquisition of a property, or capital improvements to said property.  They will not be used for leasehold improvements, maintenance on the leased space, or regular operational expenses. All donations are tax deductible, in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

The Austin Galano Club (AGC) is a non-profit corporation formed to serve the recovering community of Austin and surrounding areas, specifically for the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual,transgender community, their allies, and serving all 12-step based programs and related activities. The club is focused on providing a facility and operational support for the meeting spaces for such groups, as well as providing social, community education, and service opportunities to the group members served. The club will operate to further provide a place for the recovery community to have a safe, affordable, comfortable place to gather, whether for a meeting or for social purposes. Although focused on serving the GLBTQ Recovery Community, AGC welcomes all persons in recovery, or supporting those in recovery, without regard to race, color, creed, or sexual identity or orientation.