Membership in Austin Galano Club is encouraged for recovering individuals who utilize the facilities, and who want to make sure we provide a safe environment for GLBTQ&A populations to recover in the future.  It is suggested that you have at least 60 days of continuous recovery before becoming a member.  Signing up is easy, and will only take a moment.  The effects of signing up will last a lifetime. Become A Member

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*Membership with AGC is NOT required to attend any 12-step meeting which occurs at the AGC facility.

Why Join or Donate?

The Austin Galano Club is fully self supporting, operating through membership dues, meeting rents, individual donations, in-kind donations, and income from the coffee bar.  We do not seek or apply for any outside funding via grants or corporate donations.  Currently, Austin Galano Club rents space from the Independent Order of Oddfellows, a non-profit service organization whose mission is served by renting to our organization.  As a long-term goal, Austin Galano Club would like to purchase a facility, which will necessitate a significant investment we hope to be ready for in the coming years. In the meantime, we continue to be operationally sound through the various income streams directly related to services provided. Austin Galano Club exists in service to the GLBTQ&A 12-Step Recovery population.  We have a strong membership base and would like to extend the membership as broadly as possible, which ultimately helps us keep the burden of club funding and operations from the groups who utilize the space. Austin Galano Club helps the community in general by providing a place where new groups can easily get started, as well as providing a comfortable and safe place for sober fellowship.  Membership Dues help pay the clubhouse’s rent, electricity, trash removal, cleaning, maintenance, insurance, and supplies. Dues-paying members get a voice on club governance. They can elect board members and vote in membership meetings. Dues help pay for club events. All donations and Dues are tax deductible.  Annual donation receipts will be sent to members for tax purposes. Austin Galano Club appreciates your support to help promise a home for GLBTQ&A 12-Step Recovery in Austin for future generations.