Meeting Space Application

Austin Galano Club Application for a 12-Step Meeting Thank you for your group’s interest in starting a 12-step meeting at Austin Galano Club. This document is put together in hopes that we can make your new meeting a success. To this end, please review the following points regarding guidelines, recommended member-group donations and Clubhouse rules before you fill out the application form on the next page. In accordance with the Guidelines on Clubs published by AA World Services, 12-step groups are not affiliated with the Austin Galano Club except as tenants. No endorsement exists, and none should be implied, nor inferred from the use of the facilities. Austin Galano Club does not interfere with the 7th Tradition of AA, which states that every group should be self-supporting, declining outside contributions. These Guidelines further advise groups that “this includes paying a fair rent for use of the facilities, maintaining a separate treasury, and making its own contributions directly to the local central/intergroup office, the district, the area general service committee and to G.S.O.” Rent is due the first of each month. Austin Galano Club reserves the rights to reconsider the meeting agreement if/when rents are not paid. Rent should be deposited into the safe, which is located in the office across from the kitchen. Envelopes are conveniently located in each meeting room. Accounting for payments is done by the name of the group, the time it meets and the room abbreviation of the room it is utilizing (L,M,S). Please be sure the envelope is marked properly so that we can accurately credit your recommended rental payment (i.e. do not put the time you are depositing the check in the safe, but rather the time the meeting begins). Your group will have a mailbox/locker in the office. Please make sure that your group service people know that they need to check the mailbox regularly for important notices from the AGC management and Board. Your Quarterly group Rent Report Statements will also be place there. Please review the cost of your monthly suggested rent, which is also broken down into a weekly amount for collection purposes. It is always a good idea to update your group on the status of meeting your monthly suggested rent during the secretary’s report.

Room Rates

Room Monthly Rate* Hourly Rate
Large Room (L) $173.33 $40
Medium Room (M) $86.67 $20
Small Room (S) $43.33 $10
* For groups that meet for 1 hour per week. For example, if a group meets two hours per week in the Large Room, the total monthly rate would be $346.66 ($173.33 * 2). For a new group in the beginning phases and starting up, suggested rent for the first three (3) months is what is collected and dropped in the safe. If it’s less then what is required, that’s acceptable. If it’s more then there will be a credit applied towards the next months suggested rent. This is done to assist new fellowship meeting groups to get established. After three (3) months, the suggested rent charged will be what the set amount is for each room space. Meetings must meet in their assigned rooms. If attendance changes and you find that either you need more room, or you find that your collections are not sufficient to make your suggested rent, let the AGC manager know. We’ll happily move you to a larger or smaller room if possible. Please be sure that your group knows to check the mailbox at the beginning of each meeting even if you are not present. Please review the Safe Procedures document that explains how Austin Galano Club handles group money deposited in the safe. Please complete the form below which will notify the appropriate group with AGC so we can get you on the schedule.  Meeting rooms will have 30 minutes between scheduled meetings, so please refer to the club calendar and find an open time slot that would meet the 30 minute requirement, for your preferred meeting time.  With 3 different rooms, there should be plenty of flexibility to accommodate many meetings throughout the day. Thank you!