Galano Club COVID-19 Guidelines

The Austin Galano Club Board made the difficult decision to close the club on March 18, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Groups started online meetings the next day. The board meet throughout the closure to work on re-opening the club in as safe a manner as possible. We ask all members and groups to respect the following recommendations, limits, and guidelines in the spirit of having a safe environment for everyone who goes to the Galano Club. Your cooperation is essential for our success!

Who decides what’s safe?

We are following the guidelines set by the City of Austin and Travis County health authorities and the Centers for Disease Control and Protection.

Are masks required?

The City of Austin requires wearing masks  while inside the club or when outside and unable to properly social distance. Masks can be purchased at the coffee bar. Masks need to cover both the nose and mouth. Groups are responsible for making sure its members wear masks during meetings. Coffee bar volunteers are responsible for making sure everyone wears a mask while in the club’s common areas. Guests not wearing masks can meet outside, at least six feet away from others. A Galano volunteer may call 3-1-1 for local law enforcement if anyone refuses to wear a mask indoors and becomes verbally or physically threatening or aggressive. For more information, please see Texas Governor’s Executive Order. A summary of the governor’s executive order is available at the COVID-19 & Texas Law on Texas State Law Library website.

What areas are off limits?

For now, the desktop computers have been removed. The Small Meeting room is closed. The sponsorship corner and Lounge are closed The club may only be used for scheduled 12-Step meetings. Please meet outside to socialize with others. The office, across from the coffee bar, can be used by one person at a time.

Where will groups meet?

Groups that met in the Small Room will meet in the Medium Room. Groups that met in the Medium Room will meet in the Lounge. Groups that met in the Large Room will remain in that room.

How many people can meet in-person in each meeting room?

The number of chairs per room are limited according to the City of Austin’s COVID-19 Risk-Based Guidelines and the current stage, either 75 or 50 percent capacity. Everyone is asked to maintain as much distance as possible between chairs.

Number of People Per Room



75 Percent


50 Percent


















Is the coffee bar open?

The coffee bar will be open. Volunteers will wear masks and gloves and/or sanitize their hands frequently. You can buy face masks, drinks, snacks, literature or make donations at the coffee bar. Please enjoy your food and drinks outside the club.

Do groups have to meet in person?

Groups do not have to meet in person when the club opens.  Groups are encouraged to provide parallel meetings. Parallel meetings are online meetings that are held at the same time as a group’s in-person meeting. Groups also have the option to offer online meetings at different times. Support your group by volunteering to lead in-person and online meetings.

What will happen to online meetings?

Groups can keep all of their meetings online. Or, they can decide to only meet in person. Or, a group can decide to offer both. Participate in your group conscious meeting to decide what is best for your fellowship. Support your group’s decision by volunteering to chair online or in-person meetings.

Will meetings be live streamed?

At this time, the Galano Club does not have the equipment to offer hybrid meetings. Hybrid meetings are in-person meetings that are streamed online through Zoom, Blackboard, etc. The Galano Club will accept donations of money or equipment for hybrid meeting, if there is enough interest in this option. Hybrid meetings also raise questions about anonymity and confidentiality. Groups are encouraged to have group conscious meetings to discuss any concerns. Contact the Group Liaison, Madison B., if your group wants hybrid meetings.

Where can someone smoke or vape?

The majority of people who responded to our survey, voted to move smoking and vaping away from the front of the building. Nearly two-thirds of the people who responded expressed concern about COVID-19 spread due to smoking and vaping. A new covered smoking and vaping area is located in the main parking lot on the side of the building.

What happens if someone with COVID-19 was at the club?

The Galano Club will implement guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control. Anyone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 who was at the Galano Club is asked to immediately notify the board – The board will keep the person’s identity confidential. The board will tell the community and groups when someone who  is infected was at the club. At the board’s discretion, the club may be closed to everyone for 24 hours. After 24 hours have passed, the club will be cleaned. The club may be treated with a biostatic surface protectant, SurfaceGuard 90. The club will reopen and continue with COVID-19 Guidelines in place.

What’s the club’s cleaning schedule?

A janitorial service cleans the entire club after the last meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Additionally, the club will be treated with the biostatic surface protectant, SurfaceGuard 90. This product is designed to last up to 90 days. We will treat the club as needed and possibly more frequently than every 90 days.

How can groups collect 7th Tradition donations?

Donations can be collected by placing the 7th Tradition basket at the front of the meeting room and asking people to individually walk up to donate cash. Groups can opt to continue accepting online donations through Venmo, etc. Another option would be to donate to a specific group through electronic donations at the coffee bar.

How can chips be handed out?

One option is to ask someone to announce the chip countdown from their seat. Anyone needing a chip can walk up to the front of the room and pick out their chip from the box.

What’s suggested for closing a meeting?

Members can remain seated during closing prayer or reading. If there is enough room, members can form a circle, standing 6-feet apart, during the closing.

What if I have more questions?

To learn more about the Austin Galano Club and its relationship to groups that meet here, please see the FAQ Page.

Updated: 10/19/2020