An Update from the Board

The Austin Galano Club board and a few former board members met this afternoon and we have the following updates to share:

The Austin Galano Club will remain open.

We are in communication with other clubs and recovery communities who have made similar decisions today. The AGC Board continues to defer to the guidelines of personal hygiene, social distancing, and group gatherings as laid out by Austin Public Health, the City of Austin, and the Center for Disease Control.

  • Please exercise social distancing while visiting the club, as previously discussed.
  • We have removed all cloth chairs from the meeting rooms and are only using plastic chairs.
  • We ask that community members adhere to our request that ALL chairs and tables be wiped down with disinfectant spray and/or wipes after each meeting. These supplies are available at the coffee bar and in the rooms.
  • We also ask that community members suspend bringing food, i.e. donuts, cookies, etc., to share.
  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well or are experiencing respiratory difficulties.

AGC leaves the choice of holding or canceling meetings up to each individual group. 
  • AGC will provide resources to each of our groups on how to organize and conduct online meetings.
  • Each room (small, medium, large) will have its own link and each group will be responsible for organizing and running their own groups.
  • We will post these links on our website, Facebook page and group, as well as other available resources in the coming days.
  • A few groups have already created their own virtual meetings and you should connect with a representative from that group if you are looking for the links.
The Coffee Bar will also remain open, with a few changes. An announcement regarding these updates is forthcoming.
This decision was not easily made and there were differing points of view on the matter. For some of us, the irresponsibility lies in keeping the doors open. For others, it is the opposite. And for a few, there was indecision. Ultimately, by majority consensus we grant our groups the autonomy to make their own decisions for their group members. AGC also respects the autonomy of those who wish to stay home and will continue to encourage community members to check on these individuals and offer in-home support.

In the event that we do close the club, we will provide community resources, direct contacts for each group, meeting alternatives, etc. to the AGC community. We will have this information available on our website, Facebook, and the club gates. Even in the face of a crisis we will do our best to fulfill our mission.

Reach out to any of us with concerns or questions. We hope each of you remains healthy—physically, spiritually, and mentally—during these unsettling times.

Sincerely, your humble servants,
Mara W.
James Y.
Lauren O.
Jamie S.
Jamal W.
Madison B.
Loretta M.
Mel H.
Blake P.
Robert Q.
Marvin T.
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I Am Galano

Austin Galano Club is more than a building, it is the people who support it!

While the Galano Club is closed, we suspended rent for groups that meet here. Please donate to AGC or your group to cover operating costs that persist during this closure.


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All meetings are LGBTQIA+ sensitive and non-smoking.

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