Why I’m an Austin Galano Club member

For the last two months, it’s been really wonderful to see and be a part of the community that is forming in and around the Austin Galano Club.  When we started talking about the concept of the club just over a year ago, we could only imagine the level of enthusiasm and commitment the members of the community would have for the club.  We are all truly in awe.  We have, in this short time since opening, been overwhelmed with gratitude and humility at how the groups have grown and flourished.  At this time, and it seems to change week to week, there are 12 recovery groups with 37 meetings per week (not including conference and other committee meetings).  This is so huge, and we are all walking through together what this really means for the broader recovery community.   The groups are slowly creating their own identities, separate from the others, and it’s so cool.  “Each group should be autonomous…” seems to be coming into being in a magical way. The groups themselves also adhere to a tenet of their own traditions to be “fully self supporting” and AGC gives them the opportunity to pay a fair rent as part of that. AGC, as well,  is supported by the members of the various groups who utilize the facility (though not a requirement to attend any meeting), helping us provide a safe social environment in addition to the meeting space, and allowing us to keep the financial burden on the groups at a minimum.  In order to support this effort, more than 120 of us are active members in the AGC club, helping provide a place for a sustainable foundation for GLBTQ&A recovery. GLBTQ&A recovery saved my life, which is why it’s important for me to give back and to promise the newcomer of today, and for years to come, a safe home for their recovery, regardless of the specific brand.  It’s rewarding to know that regardless of how much I give, I’m helping to provide that home of tomorrow.   Why did you become a member?  
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I Am Galano

Austin Galano Club is more than a building, it is the people who support it!

While the Galano Club is closed, we suspended rent for groups that meet here. Please donate to AGC or your group to cover operating costs that persist during this closure.


Virtual Meetings

All meetings are LGBTQIA+ sensitive and non-smoking.

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