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The Austin Galano Club has over 50 active members now, and we’re just getting started.  We appreciate the support the the community has shown and are looking forward to the coming months as the club takes full shape, and our shared vision is realized.  The continued support, energy, and service of our members will be critical in the next phase of development. As we approach the spring and summer, the AGC will be approaching more member-groups, and making necessary arrangements to secure a clubhouse.  There will be several startup costs (furniture, kitchen equipment, coffee makers, TV, etc) as well as an abundance of service opportunities.  Member support for both is appreciated, and will assure our successful transition into tangible reality.  Stay tuned for more details…we’ll be communicating with the members to let you know how you can help. One fantastic way to help now is to help refer new members. We know there are hundreds among us who we will serve who are not yet members.  If you are an AGC member, you have probably answered for yourself those questions that others are still pondering.  If your friends have not signed up as members, let them know why you signed up.  If you are not a member, ask your friends who are why they support the club. For every new member who signs up, the referring member will receive the AGC coffee cup, as featured on the banner of the webpage.  No limit.  It’s a great looking cup, and makes coffee (or other hot beverages) even better.  They make a great set. =) Membership Page    
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I Am Galano

Austin Galano Club is more than a building, it is the people who support it!

While the Galano Club is closed, we suspended rent for groups that meet here. Please donate to AGC or your group to cover operating costs that persist during this closure.


Virtual Meetings

All meetings are LGBTQIA+ sensitive and non-smoking.

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